Stuttering Advocacy in Action – John Sarik

Our unique and uplifting mentorship program provides participants of all ages a sense of purpose and belonging. Through weekly peer-to-peer support, developing collaborative advocacy projects, exploring leadership opportunities, and discovering increased self-confidence and compassion along the way, participants are provided with the opportunity to take what they have learned through our daily and intensive CARE and ‘pay-it-forward.’

My name is John Sarik and while I’ve been a participant at the Blank Center since 2021, I participated in the Pay-it-Forward program during the Spring 2023 semester. I am an electrical engineer, a parent, and a person who stutters. To me, “ Dream. Speak. Live. ” means setting myself up for success by focusing on communication instead of fluency. 

About John’s Project

As an Austin International School District (ISD) parent and as a person who stutters, John wanted to explore how AISD supports students who stutter, their families, and their teachers. After learning that a search on AISD’s website for “stuttering,” leads to zero results, John aimed to highlight the work both the AISD and the Blank Center do to support students who stutter, in addition to ensuring that appropriate resources are available to anyone who may need them.I wanted to learn how AISD supports students who stutter, their families, and their teachers. Right now, if you search AISD’s website for “stuttering” there are zero results.

Click the links below to view public resources available that highlight the work AISD and the Blank Center are doing to support students who stutter.

Let’s talk: For any questions or concerns. AISD staff will make sure they get sent to the right person. Austin ISD is committed to connecting with students, families, staff and community members to provide exceptional and equitable experiences.
Let’s Talk is an online tool that takes your questions and feedback and sends it directly to the appropriate staff members for follow up.
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A resource to recognize any teachers, SLPs, or staff who provided an exceptional experience.

Austin ISD Board Meetings

Make your voice heard! The next board meeting is April 27th. Can give comments on the phone or in person. AISD will accommodate people who stutter and allow for additional time for comments

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