The Guiding Principles of Our Research

Funded by the NIH, and several state, national, and international foundations, our research positively impacts the daily life of children, teens, and adults who stutter, and their loved ones. Our treatment was developed and refined by listening to the distinct lived experiences of the individuals who stutter we serve worldwide, and generating new knowledge regarding the etiology, development, and best practice.


Identification of causal contributors


Improvement of comprehensive assessment


Development of whole-person CARE


Advancement of clinicians and scholars

Published Research Articles
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The Blank Center publishes research in the leading peer-reviewed, high impact journals within and outside of our field. To share what we have learned with the stuttering community and beyond, we provide access to articles upon request.

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Get Involved with Our Field-Changing Research

We offer a variety of opportunities to get involved in our research through a multitude of student opportunities, global collaborations, as well as ways to participate in our studies.

Collaborative Research Opportunities

We engage undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, postdoctoral students, faculty, and practicing clinicians across the world with our clinical and research experts to gain invaluable skills in digesting, formulating, and disseminating scholarly work, with an emphasis on translating theory to practice.

Participate in Research

We are actively recruiting participants who do and do not stutter of all ages, races, cultures, ethnicities, and languages to ensure that our findings translate to the stuttering community worldwide.

Partnership in Global Research

We are forever grateful for and continually
seeking international partners to ensure that our research
initiatives are significant to all persons who stutter.

 The Blank Center Care programming and the related results cannot be solely captured by statistical significance. The experience is life-changing, no matter the culture, the language or the location.

– Dr. Kurt Eggers

Professor at Ghent University, Thomas More College, President of the European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders, President of the International Fluency Association, Blank Center Global Community Member

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