Nadia Maldonado-Smith

Nadia Maldonado joins us from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs where she served as the Business and Administrative Services Manager. She played a critical role in re-organizing operational infrastructure to meet the business and administrative needs of LBJ centers, faculty, and staff. Prior to the LBJ School, Nadia served over 10 years at the University Development Office. Most notably as a business officer and a finance manager, where she oversaw budget creation and management, contract administration, supervision of the Financial Services team, and developed financial and voucher training for Development Associates across the Texas Development community. Nadia importantly comes to the Blank Center with extensive knowledge of the university’s financial policies, is skilled at defining and enhancing operations, creating a collaborative team environment, coordinating multi-stakeholder endeavors, and brings a passion for friendly customer service. Nadia earned her bachelor’s degree in music education at the University of North Texas, was a congressional intern for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, currently serves on the NACUBO Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Leaders, and mentors first-year undergraduate students through UT’s Gender and Sexuality Center.

“The impact of the Blank Center’s programming and Dr. Byrd’s vision is truly inspiring, and I am humbled to be part of this important work. This role provides me the opportunity to create operational infrastructure to further the research and education in the field of stuttering and to create meaningful relationships along the way.”

“To me Dream. Speak. Live. is a mantra. One that encourages the spirit of imagination and vision, serves as a nudge to be bold, courageous, and confident with our voices, and is a reminder to live with joy.”

“Sueña. Habla. Vive. es un mantra para mi, uno que fomenta el espíritu de la imaginación y visión. Actúa como un empujón para inspirarnos a ser audaces, valientes y seguros de nuestras voces y es un recordatorio para vivir con alegría.”

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