John Paiz, MPA

John Paiz, MPA received his Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he also received his Graduate Certification in Nonprofit Administration & Leadership and BA in Psychology. John worked with startups and non-profits before entering the higher education field.

To John, Dream. Speak. Live. means to not let anything hold us back when we’re working to accomplish our dreams. Developing confidence in your voice and our ability to communicate is a crucial part of reaching your goals, once we have that confidence nothing will stop us from living and achieving.

Para mi Dream. Speak. Live. significa que no dejemos que ningún obstáculo nos detenga cuando estamos trabajando para cumplir nuestros sueños. Desarrollando confianza en nuestras voces y en el modo en cuál nos comunicamos es importante para lograr nuestras metas, con esa confianza nada nos puede para de vivir y cumplir nuestros sueños.

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