Amanda Ortiz-Alvarez, MS CCC-SLP

Amanda Ortiz-Alvarez, MS CCC-SLP is a doctoral student and Spanish-English bilingual speech-language pathologist at the Blank Center. Amanda received her BA in Foreign Languages and Linguistics, as well as her MS in Speech-Language Pathology, at the University of New Mexico. Currently, Amanda is pursuing a PhD in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences while working as a teaching and research assistant alongside her mentor, Dr. Courtney Byrd. As she began her foray into academia and the stuttering community, Amanda was thrilled by the boundless passion and innovation at the core of the research and clinical initiatives underway at the Blank Center. Collectively, the unapologetic endeavors toward openness, communication, and celebration of stuttering in all its forms were strongly aligned with Amanda’s desire to explore how to best empower and support people who stutter on their own terms. For Amanda, Dream. Speak. Live. is exemplified through the cultivation of knowledge, agency, and pursuit of authenticity.

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