What is the Blank Center for Stuttering’s approach?

The Blank Center for Stuttering Education and Research CARE Model rests on the evidence-based understanding that when children, teens, and adults who stutter (1) learn communication is not defined or limited by fluency, (2) learn to share about their stuttering meaningfully, (3) develop the resiliency needed to navigate adversity, and (4) are experts on stuttering, they are empowered to Dream. Speak. Live. Thus, the Blank Center CARE Model proactively prevents young children from developing the iceberg of stuttering, and effectively melts the iceberg for older children, teens and adults. CARE stands for Communication, Advocacy, Resiliency, Education – the core ideas that guide our programming, research, and training. For a deeper understanding of these principles and how they apply to our work, visit our Treatment page, or watch the CARE, Not Cure documentary.

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